A note on corona

My particular reason for travelling is trying to preserve my mental health.

I lived all my life in a very tropical part of Brazil and I just recently moved in to Berlin in 2019 meaning I had my first winter that year. It was tough.

2020 was very challenging for all of us and I had to fight many of my personal demons in this year. The prospect of spending a winter alone in the middle of a pandemic in Berlin was, honestly, terrifying to me so I decided to take the risk to travel.

I’m doing it in the safest way possible. I respect all the enforced corona rules of the place I’m in + the rules I make myself because some places are just not strict enough according to my boundaries. You’ll notice I never talk about events, night life, parties or even other people in my posts and it’s not because I’m hiding it from anyone, it’s because I’m not partaking on any of this. I’m very in to all of these things but I’m giving my best to be safe and make others safe.

It may be not enough, travelling by plane is dangerous as fuck, I can see people around me openly disrespecting the rules, I’m afraid I’ll get sick and fuck myself or fuck others because I took their place in a hospital, I’m still very lonely and the world looks very scary. All of this is juggling in my head, but also the fact that I was spiralling down into deep depression for staying in Berlin.

Not sure if it was the right or better choice. I’m just trying to make the best of every day.

Hope you enjoy this little diary.

I wish you to stay healthy, strong and happy in this new year.